— Testimonials—



"OTV | Open Television looks for sincerity in our programs. We ask artists to show how their stories come from a real place. "Geeta's Guide To Moving ON"stood out to me as a deeply personal story about finding the strength to love again -- not just romantic partners but to love self, art, family, and community. It's a universal story but, critically, Puja embraces her culture, the specificity of what it's like to love as an Indian American woman. This kind of cultural specificity and individual sincerity is still too rare in mainstream TV, making a show like Geeta's Guide extraordinarily precious and valuable. We're honored Puja trusted OTV to share her story with the world."

- Aymar Jean Christian, founder of OTV and assistant professor of communication at Northwestern University


"It's important for us, artists, to create characters that reflect our identity and tell stories that authentically depict our experience. Puja and her team has done exactly that with Geeta's Guide To Moving On. This show is funny, relatable and a new must-watch series with characters all audience can fall in love with."

-James Bland, Emmy-nominated Actor and Creator of the Digital Series, "Giants"

"Working on Geeta's Guide was an incredible experience and opportunity. Puja Mohindra is a comedic genius and one of the hardest working women in the industry. Not only is she a gifted writer, she is an incredibly nuanced actor. We were all so lucky to have been a part of this show. I cannot wait to see what happens with this project next!"

-Danielle Pinnock, "Akua" Episodes 1-3 of "Geeta's Guide to Moving On", recurring role on CBS' "Young Sheldon" 

"Mohindra has rendered that breakup to the screen skillfully, creating a show that is funny, smartly paced, and full of well-timed jokes. Check it out on YouTube."