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Geeta’s Guide to Moving On” is the story of Geeta Gidwani, a lovable, imperfect, all-American brown girl who's always believed in “happily ever after.”  When she's dumped by her fiancé after 10 years of dating--on the day of their engagement party--she's completely devastated. She moves in with her family, where East & West collide, wackiness ensues, and the journey to move on begins. Her best friend, Akua, is a smart, ambitious, film producer, on her own black girl magic journey, who encourages Geeta to pursue her passion for “Indian-classical-dance-hip-hop-fusion” and embrace happiness. With the magical Akua, her traditional Indian Auntys, her hilarious family, and a quirky divorce support group rooting her on, Geeta learns to move on.